Face Reality

True Simplicity Acne Clinic Face Reality Skincare

True Simplicity’s acne products, and primary protocol, come from the highly successful Face Reality Clinic in San Leandro, California. The Face Reality Clinic has successfully cleared thousands of clients over the years and continues to have a 90% clearing success rate (most of the 10% fail due to non-compliance of home care regimen). 

After researching many professional acne lines, I chose Face Reality for a couple of reasons.  One,  the formulation of each product has been brilliantly formulated for acne prone skin. Two, it has a large selection of products which allows me to customize for each individual taking into consideration their type of acne, skin type and skin condition.                   

"The Face Reality products she offers WORK and she will take her time to go over everything with you, too."   Gewoo S.