Long Distance Clients

If you are not in the area and can not make it into the clinic for an appointment, you can still get your acne in control by becoming a long distance client.  You will start by filling out the online questionnaire, book a phone consultation and send me a selfie so I can see first hand your acne condition.  During the phone consultation I will get to know you and the struggles you have faced and go over in detail the basics of acne and clear up some misconceptions you may have.   We will work closely together through education and communication and I will develop a plan for taking on your acne and winning the battle once and for all.

With education, motivation and dedication it can be done… let’s get started today!

"My experience here at True Simplicity has changed my life!!  I feel so much more confident in my skin and I highly recommend going if you have acne. It was a process and I’m so glad to be happy with my skin again." ~  Kacie G.

"Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I frequently felt very hopeless about my skin and I never thought my skin would clear up. You’ve helped me feel more confident in my skin and, as a result, myself. You’ve made an amazing impact on my life, thank you so much!" ~ Shayla P.